3 tips how to prepare your company for the recovery after the Covid-19 outbreak
Covid-19 brought us the digital future. Businesses need to understand that some corporate changes are inevitable and quickly adjust to these conditions. The faster companies do it the sooner they reach the next normal.

For many organizations, the only solution remaining is digital transformation. It means that companies need to shape their strategy from well-prepared and efficient plan to ongoing testing and continuous improvement. Even though Executive management faces enormous challenges these times, now is the right time to act and prepare companies for the recovery because the crisis will finally end.

The key to handling any crisis situations is preparation. Here are some steps that leaders can take to ensure their company will continue to evolve after the Covid-19 outbreak.

Rethink your road map
Although companies adjust to new circumstances, people have been surprised by how long time it takes to make the necessary changes. Some of them just did not have the consistent and integrated "digital engine" which moves their business forward. In order to undergo digital transformation, leaders need to rethink the approach to their road map, its value and implementability. It's also important to consider new customer behaviors and government's regulations. Then you need to be sure that the members of your top team understand not only how the road map works but what their responsibilities are.
Get communication right
Executives should work hard in order to keep their employees informed because of continuous panic and disinformation. Your workforce wants to hear from you that they have steady income and the business is ready for the crisis. You need to be consistent and accurate in messaging with your colleagues, they want to know that their welfare is of paramount importance.
Reassess your talent strategy
Businesses will only continue to reduce the costs and CEOs will have to downsize the staff. For leaders it is crucial not only to keep the right talent these tough days but also to boost their skills. The new world of remote working requires wider range of competences in the digital sphere, adapts people to tools that are commonly used in distance education. Now it is the best time for online programs: shorter, "bite size" learning modules can be approached to each person considering their preferences and style of work. Executives need to pay attention to remote boot camps, simulations, and collaborative learning environments to expedite the teams' learning process.
We don't know when the crisis ends and the recovery comes. But eventually it will come and executives should prepare their businesses for it in order to thrive in the future.
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MAY, 7 / 2020

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