With the global challenges, virtual teams are here to stay. In theory, it gives the chance to build a team without boundaries. In practice, things aren't always easy.

We are introducing Storewars WEB – a virtual playground for remote teams. The program offers a simulated business environment to test how your team can work independently, how to manage a group remotely, how to motivate, moderate and assess the performance from a distance.

Storewars WEB will help you to:
Adapt the existing workforce to the current situation
Establish remote working and set up virtual teams
Manage workforce flexibility and prepare your leaders for the future
Build and enhance ecosystems – get ready for the new reality of online meetings with your business counterparts, negotiations and agreements
Storewars WEB for your team
  • Put your executives in the simulated business world to test how to operate the global company management in remote mode
  • Overcome challenge of communication, trust and productivity in remote team
  • Discover the shifts you need to make to build a strategy for today's unique situation and tomorrow's new economy
  • Help your employees to be engaged and collaborative, no matter how far apart your team may be
Program concept
  • 15-24 participants are divided into 5 teams: 2 retail & 3 manufacturing companies
  • Each team manages a multimillion-dollar business for a virtual period of 1-1,5 years
  • Participants are taken through the full company's cycle running a virtual business from A to Z working as a team online
  • Teams compete to capture the maximum market share and increase profitability of their businesses
  • Teams interact and cooperate with each other, and the success of their cooperation has a major impact on the results
  • Storewars simulation recreates the real environment of consumer-facing business and allows its participants to safely test their decisions in the simulation and analyze profitability of their strategies
Program stages
Data analysis
and strategic planning
Online negotiations
Group business decisions
Simulation, detailed feedback
on the decisions made
Virtual breakout rooms
Online teamwork, group sessions and face-to-face coaching with the facilitator
Constant support from coordinators
Flexible agenda to fit working schedule
We are committed to our mission on creating a virtual business world for you to learn, so your team doesn't lose in the real one
Why Storewars WEB?
  • First online business management course that focuses on effective teamwork and cross-department communication for remote teams
  • Covers the full business management cycle and the main methodologies for building the effective processes in the virtual teams
  • Fully interactive experience and collaborative learning, everywhere
  • Based on Storewars business simulation platform
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