Storewars Business Simulation
Storewars is a total business management course for consumer-facing businesses. The format of business game allows participants to run their own virtual companies, take big decisions, negotiate and immediately monitor the effectiveness of their performance.
What is Storewars
business game
Over 3 days, participants work in teams, manage multibillion businesses, compete and cooperate to get a competitive advantage on the virtual market
business management
Storewars program covers all main aspects of a modern consumer-facing business and helps participants to obtain a holistic understanding of company's operation.
Business simulation software
The program is designed on the platform of comprehensive industry simulator which accurately predicts the market response to each decision made by participants
Storewars concept
  • 3 days
  • 17-30 participants
  • 5 teams
  • 2 visual markets
  • 2 product categories
  • 1,5-2 simulated years
Stages of the program
P&L Analysis
Market opportunities
Strategy & planning
Trade activities and negotiations
Business decisions in simulation software
of the program
  • Holistic understanding of company's operation
  • Full overview of the consumer-facing business
  • Monitoring of immediate results of business decisions on the market
  • Financial literacy and ability to use data for profitable decisions and negotiations
  • A chance to get experience of another side of "trade table"
  • The vision "outside the operational role"
Target audience
Storewars program is designed for mid and upper-level executives from consumer facing companies:

  • Sales/Key Accounts/Modern Trade executives
  • Marketing (specially Trade Marketing)
  • General Management
  • Finance and Operations (Supply Chain) managers
Take part in Storewars
Choose the format of the program
Open courses worldwide
Storewars open courses host executives from the leading consumer-facing companies in 3-day intensive learning programs across the globe.

Apart from the main outcomes of the business simulation course, our open programs create the unique environment for exchanging experiences and networking. Companies can send any number of employees starting from 1 to participate and also test-drive Storewars program.
In-house course for your company
Storewars flexible format enables the tailoring of courses specifically to your needs
Facilitators can deliver specific lecturers to address certain topics, with tailored agenda to meet these goals. You can also choose the facilitator of the program.

How corporate courses can be used:

  • Competency development - mini-MBA for executives
    Storewars allows managers to understand company operations from the top as well as to see the perspectives of the manufacturer, the retailer and the consumer. A 360 degree view of the industry and holistic understanding of consumer-facing business.

  • Effective FMCG and Retail strategy management
    Storewars covers the full FMCG strategy cycle: from analyzing industry data, company's global strategy development and execution to monitoring its results and effectiveness immediately. Participants receive a comprehensive feedback after each decision they made and have a unique chance of testing different approaches in the virtual business environment without any risks.

  • Teambuilding and cross-department communication
    Whilst participants often come from one discipline in one market, Storewars also works well in cross-functional development, with delegates from different disciplines: sales, marketing, commercial or logistics. Storewars programs work great as cross-department and teambuilding tool that brings managers from different parts of the business to work together and benefit from best practice exchange.
  • Partnership development (a joint program with 1-3 partner's companies: retailers/manufacturers/distributors)
    Storewars in-house program can be turned into a joint program where you invite your trade partners to participate in the program. This approach is being successfully used in trade partnership development programs by a number of our clients. Participants work together, compete and interact in the virtual business environment while improving the understanding of the real business, values and challenges of their trade partners in real life, which creates a solid platform for a successful partnership.