Storewars Business Simulation
Storewars is a simulator of a real consumer-facing business where participants learn how to operate in a modern FMCG environment.
Provide an experience for your team they will never forget.
Storewars is designed in a format of business game - participants live and breathe their virtual company's business, which makes the whole learning experience highly engaging.
How Storewars works
Bring together managers from one or different parts of your business
Make them work in multifunctional teams and manage a virtual business
Let them experience a 1,5 years of decision making "from the top"
The simulation software will show the result of their effectiveness
Program concept
  • Participants are divided into 5 teams: 2 retail and 3 manufacturing companies
  • Each team manages a multimillion-dollar business for a virtual period of 1-1,5 years
  • Participants are taken through the full company's cycle running a virtual business from A to Z working as a team online
  • Teams compete to capture the maximum market share and increase profitability of their businesses
  • Teams interact and cooperate with each other, and the success of their cooperation has a major impact on the results
  • Storewars simulation shows the market responce to safely test decisions and analyze profitability of their strategies
Here is what participants
are working with during the course:
Company strategy and profitability
Store service level
Shelf space management
Category management
Private label
Market analysis, demand planning
Inventory management
Supplier management, negotiations
Competitor analysis
Company strategy and profitability
Brand strategy and objectives
Portfolio management
Category management
Production planning
Market analysis, demand planning
R&D, New brand launch
Trade marketing
Inventory management
Competitor analysis

FMCG market simulator
the core of the program
The learning process is being operated by the advanced business simulation software. We design it using the 20-year experience of the largest consumer-facing companies and the market data.
Stages of the program
P&L Analysis
Market opportunities
Strategy & planning
Trade activities and negotiations
Business decisions in simulation software
Target audience
Storewars program is designed for mid and upper-level executives from consumer facing companies:

  • Sales/Key Accounts/Modern Trade executives
  • Marketing (specially Trade Marketing)
  • General Management
  • Finance and Operations (Supply Chain) managers
The ways to use Storewars
Mini-MBA for your team
Storewars covers the full FMCG strategy cycle: from analyzing industry data, company's global strategy development and execution to monitoring its results.
Real teambuilding
What would your employees learn if they switch seats with someone from a different department? Storewars program does just that - one-of-a-kind experience with no risks assumed.
Sales team boost
Storewars enables participants to examine trade issues from both retailer and manufacturer perspectives, helping to drive a profitable partnership.
You and your trade partners
Invite your trade partners to learn together! Participants work together on the virtual market while improving the understanding of the real business, which creates a solid platform for a successful partnership.
Cross-department alignment
Managers from different departments switch roles in an intensive business game designed to boost cooperation and form a better understanding of the company's operations from different perspectives.
Next strategic event
Are your company events turning into learning experiences? Include Storewars as a part of your next annual conference or planning session to encourages your team to share ideas and consider different ways to reach company's goals.
  • Business simulation experience
    The standard classroom training or webinars don't work well as they don't stimulate experiential learning. Simulation provides a platform for practical experience of solving the real business issues.
  • Real-like learning environment
    Storewars software generates the virtual business environment and replicates the complex interplay between manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Participants work with real data, real people and real business cases.
  • Helicopter view
    Escaping from their typical 'silo view', executives get an overview of the entire company, that allows them to explore how decisions in manufacturing, procurement, R&D, sales and marketing link to financial outcomes and the creation of shareholder value.
  • Risk-free environment
    Storewars is a platform where managers safely test their decisions. It allows them to try out new ideas or react to challenges they face on a virtual level with no risk to your company.
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