FMCG business management course
Join the most intense learning experience in your life
November 1 - 3, 2023
$ 2900 per person
Simulation will give you a practical experience of solving the real business issues. You will work with a large-scale enterprise, real data and real people.
What will happen:
We bring together professionals from the leading consumer-facing companies
Divide them into multifunctional remote teams
Each team will manage a virtual FMCG manufacturing or retail business
Teams will compete and cooperate in a virtual marketplace
Two winning teams will be identified at the end
What to expect
Interactive business game
The Storewars course will dive you into intensive business management practices, virtual business reality, experience exchange with professionals from the leading FMCG companies; with coaching from industry tutors.
Competition and collaboration
Participants will make decisions for everything from production and finance to sales, marketing and everything in between. At the end of the game we will identify 2 leading teams who could get the bigger market share and profit.
Experienced guidance
We invite industry professionals and global industry experts to facilitate the program. They will guide you throughout all stages of the game and provide a comprehensive face-to-face feedback and coaching.
It is hard to get the skills by watching lectures or reading articles. Practical experience is what drives real behaviour change.

Here is what you will be working with during the course:
Company strategy and profitability
Store service level
Shelf space management
Category management
Private label
Market analysis, demand planning
Inventory management
Supplier management, negotiations
Competitor analysis
Company strategy and profitability
Brand strategy and objectives
Portfolio management
Category management
Production planning
Market analysis, demand planning
R&D, New brand launch
Trade marketing
Inventory management
Competitor analysis

Stages of the program
Data analysis
and strategic planning
Online negotiations
Group business decisions
Simulation, results, detailed feedback
on the decisions made
Who should attend?
Middle to senior management, current or future business leaders, who are:
Working in a dedicated area (such as purchasing, marketing, sales or finance) and requiring a better understanding of their actions' impact on the company's total operations
In need to improve their overall business acumen to take on a leading role in the business, to adopt a strong consumer-centric and profit-building mindset
Willing to discover and experience the perspective of their business counterparts (retailer or supplier) to improve the relationship with them
Looking for an opportunity to test-drive business strategies in a risk-free environment by monitoring the immediate impact on the company's financials
You will get:
  • Holistic understanding of company's operation and full overview of the consumer-facing business
  • Immediate results of your business decisions and analysis of its impact on the company performance
  • View beyond your operational role and a chance to experience the other side of the "trade table"
  • Financial literacy and ability to use data for profitable decisions and negotiations
Program details:
Dates: November 1 - 3, 2023
Location: Singapore
Participation fee: $2,900 per person
*discounts available for group registrations from 3 people and more
Christoph Michel
Based in Switzerland, Christoph Michel has an experience of over 20 years in the FMCG and research industry.
During his 8+ years in Diageo he shared and implemented internal best practice on category management, sales drivers, commercial planning and distributor management.For more than 9 years in Nielsen Christoph developed and headed Nielsen's regional Category Management services, creating and delivering several category and space management workshops across Asia-Pacific and Middle-East to associates of more than 200 companies.
Christoph is currently working as an independent consultant and trainer for retailers, manufacturers, and market research companies in areas related to sales development, category management and shopper marketing.
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