Make your team ready for industry challenges
We provide companies with a great tool to train their managers to become better decision-makers.

Storewars in-house course is a unique learning experience: a combination of technology and the best corporate training practices.
Bring together managers from different parts of your business to learn together
Make them work in multifunctional teams, manage a $600m virtual business, compete and cooperate to win the game
Let them experience a 1,5 year of decision making "from the top" in interactive and highly realistic learning environment
How you can use Storewars:
Mini-MBA for executives
It is a well-known fact that 80% of business skills comes from experience. That is why business simulations are so successful. You learn by doing, in a risk-free environment.

Storewars covers the full FMCG strategy cycle: from analyzing industry data, company's global strategy development and execution to monitoring its results. While working on a virtual market, participants develop an intuitive understanding of business, its functional elements and ways to achieve a strong profitable position in the market.
Part of your next strategic event
Are your company events turning into learning experiences? Include Storewars as part of your company's annual convention, strategic planning session or conference.

Storewars is designed in a format of business game - participants live and breathe their virtual company's business, which makes the whole event experience highly engaging and therefore prove to maximize the retention rate. Provide the experience for your team that they will never forget!
Teambuilding and cross-department communication
What would your employees learn if they switch seats with someone from a different department? Storewars program does just that - one-of-a-kind experience with no risks assumed.

Escaping from their typical 'silo view', executives get an overview of the entire company, that allows them to explore how decisions in manufacturing/procurement, R&D, sales, marketing and negotiations link to financial outcomes and the creation of shareholder value
Partnership development
Invite your trade partners to learn together! This approach is being successfully used in by our clients. Participants work in teams, compete and interact on the virtual market while improving the understanding of the real business, values and challenges of trade counterparts, which creates a solid platform for a successful partnership.

Through Storewars, participants acquire decision-making skills in a new context – the one that encourages them to share ideas and consider different angles in order to reach agreement.
Storewars flexible format enables tailoring of a course to your company's needs
You can choose:
Your facilitator
Format (offline or online) and Venue
Intensity of the course and its duration
Lectures and additional sessions
Target audience
Storewars program is designed for mid and upper-level executives:

  • Sales/KAM/Modern Trade executives
  • Marketing and Trade Marketing
  • General Management
  • Finance and Operation
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