How to choose training program

Currently, the most popular training programs on the market are related to sales, professional communication skills development, management and teambuilding.
Employees, especially millennial generation, consider training and development to be the most important work benefit, more than flexible working hours and cash bonuses. Employee engagement directly relates to company's investment into personal and professional development of their staff.
But no trainings are the same.

So how do you choose the right one?

Business training in progress
Trainings can be cheap, if it is facilitated by the coach who is new/on training himself. According to market experts, currently the cost of quality training starts from $800 per seat.

It's worth paying attention to the personality of the coach rather than a company's brand. It is necessary to study the background of the trainer and his experience.

Track record
The history of the company as well as its clients should be taken into consideration. A list of good and well know clients is a good indicator. Companies with rich and long history always have an advantage over new companies.

It is useful to examine recommendations of participants who have already received training or were trained by company's coach.

MARCH, 16 / 2018

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