How tobacco companies use trainings to
improve business relations?

A success story of Storewars client from tobacco industry
One of the largest international tobacco companies has recently used Storewars program as a platform for building business relations with retailers.
Here is what they did.
Why did they choose Storewars?
Storewars is a business simulation program that replicates the business model of FMCG and retail industry.

Designed as an interactive business game, the program provides highly realistic learning environment. This helped to make the learning process relevant to the day-to-day business life.
Program concept
Storewars is a virtual marketplace where participants manage retail or manufacturing business, gaining experience on both sides of "trade table".

The core thinking of the program is effective retailer-supplier-consumer interaction. Storewars encourages every participant to use their knowledge and skills to focus on creating added value together with their trade partners.
How did Storewars help to improve business relations?
Experiential activities boost people's creativity and help them see things from a different perspective.

The program helped participants to get the full insights on their real business partners: their key decision drivers, pain points and challenges. Learning together helps to establish mutually profitable, long-lasting relationships in a real business.

At the course, participants discovered hand-on approaches to prepare and handle negotiations and learnt the best strategies for win-win cooperation with retailers.
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