Category Management Academy
Everything you need to implement Category Management into daily job.
Manufacturers' work is often centered around their products. But retailers primary job is to drive the sales of their categories, regardless of the products.

Understanding the principles and process of Category Management is essential for manufacturers to improve their ways of working with retailers, and for retailers to leverage the expertise of their key suppliers to drive the sales of their categories.
6 modles to strengthen Category Management in your organization
2 days
Maximise sales and profits by thinking category first
Category Management Fundamentals
Assortment Optimization
Maximize sales and profits with the right in-store product assortment
2 days
Space Optimization
Leverage macro- and micro-space best practice to maximize sales and profits
2 days
Price&Promo Optimization
Apply the right tools and principles of in-store pricing and promotions
2 days
Adapt category management to an online environment
2 days
Category Management
2 days
Putting the shopper at the heart of any category management initiatives
Category Management Shoper Solutions
Create your own learning journey
Choose a module, several or all of them and combine it to your uniqe training path
  • Basic

    Start with the entry workshop "Category Management Fundamentals". This workshop is for anyone to get started in Category Management and understand everything which is behind the plans and decisions made to grow sales and profit.

    2 days
  • Extended

    Depending on the need of the participants several modules can be taken to deepen the knowledge into specific areas, optionally combining them with the "Category Management Fundamentals" workshop.

    3+ days
  • Academy

    Take several or all modules converting them into an advanced learning path, then practice new skills and knowledge in the simulator. Academy plan includes workshops modules that followed with Storewars business simulation course.

    5 days
CatMan Academy creator and facilitator
Christoph Michel
Christoph is independent Category Management and Business consultant based in Switzerland, has 10 years experience at Diageo, 8 years at the Nielsen Company and 4 years as an independent consultant. An expert in Category Management, he has delivered more than 200 Category Management related workshops to more than 5,000 associates of leading local and international manufacturers & retailers across nearly 30 countries.
Who will benefit and what they will learn?
What your organization will get?
Manufacturers will develop a sence of better relationship with retailers by talking the same language, creating joint plans and therefore improving the category performance and ultimately their sales and profits.

Retailers will work in a more effective and efficient way, thinking strategy before tactics in order to improve shopper satisfaction and therefore sales and profits. The workshop can be customized with your own data.
Prepared and presented by an industry expert with 20+ years experience in Category Management, Trade & Shopper Marketing and Business Development.

We use multiple training design and delivery techniques to make the learning engaging and effective.

The skills and knowledge can be practised in the advanced industry simulator.
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