March 1 - 3, 2022

Total business management course for consumer-facing companies

Join the most advanced learning experience in your life
What will happen
✔ We bring together professionals from the leading consumer-facing companies
✔ Divide them into multifunctional teams
✔ Each team will manage a virtual FMCG manufacturing or retail business
✔ Teams compete and cooperate in the virtual market
✔ Two winning teams will be identified at the end
What to expect
business game
We will take you through this one-of-a-kind experience: 3 days of intensive business management practices, virtual business reality, experience exchange with professionals from the leading FMCG and Retail companies, competition and collaboration to win the game; plus lectures and coaching from industry tutors.
and collaboration
Participants will use our comprehensive software to help analyze, track, and report the outcomes of every decision they make. They will make decisions for everything from production and finances to sales, marketing and branding and everything in between. Our advanced business simulation software will calculate the market response to each decision made. At the end of the game we will identify 2 leading teams who could get the bigger market share and profit.

We invite industry professionals and global industry experts to facilitate the program. They will guide you throughout all stages of the game and provide a comprehensive face-to-face feedback and coaching over 3 days of the program.
You will:
✔ Get a meaningful experience of running company from the top
✔ See the real impact of your business decisions on every aspect of a company
✔ Be in charge of sales, marketing, financial planning, strategy development, and see how all parts of the business work together effectively
✔ Negotiate with your trade partners, learn the win-win principles and even try yourself on another side of a trade table
✔ Work with your industry peers together in one team and share best practices with each other
Stages of the program
P&L Analysis
Market opportunities
Strategy & planning
Trade activities and negotiations
Business decisions in simulation software
Who should attend?
Middle to Senior Management, current or future business leaders, who are:
  • Working in a dedicated area (such as purchasing, marketing, sales or finance) and requiring a better understanding of their actions' impact on the company's total operations
  • In need to improve their overall business acumen to take on a leading role in the business, to adopt a strong consumer-centric and profit-building mindset
  • Willing to discover and experience the perspective of their business counterparts (retailer or supplier) to improve the relationships with them
  • Looking for an opportunity to test-drive business strategies in a risk-free environment by monitoring the immediate impact on the company's financials
Participation fee: $1,920 per person*
*discounts available for group registrations from 3 people and more
Storewars in numbers
25 000
1 000 +
70 +
Program details:
Dates: March 1 - 3, 2022
Location: Cairo

Participation fee: $ 1,920
About Storewars
Storewars is a complex business simulation and one of the most popular learning programs in the world used by the leading consumer-facing companies in more than 40 countries.

Storewars is a virtual business environment that provides a 360º view of the industry. You manage a large business, make key business decisions, interact with your virtual counterparts and monitor the immediate results of your performance.
Join the program
Single person registration
Dates: March 1-3, 2022
Location: Cairo
Participation fee: $1920
Corporate enquiry
You can register up to 12 people from your organization.
Number of people from your organisation
Dates: March 1-3, 2022
Location: Cairo
Participation fee: $1920