Coca-Cola Comes Releases First Ad Made Completely From User-Generated Content

Ever see something on TV and get the urge to say "I could have done that better"? Well it looks like now viewers may get a chance to put their money where their mouth it.

Coca-Cola has recently released the first TV commercial to be made entirely of short video clips made by fans - with the exception of some brief animations.
The spot was produced by Wieden + Kennedy and is set to premiere during Wednesday's season finale of American Idol.

And how was the idea born? From a contest.

Coca-Cola invited teens to submit short video clips about what it feels like when they take a sip of Coke. The company assured that the best clips would be featured in a national Coca-Cola TV ad.

And that they were.

The company received 400 submissions, and chose 40 for the final cut. The clips came from all over the world. From Brazil to Salt Lake City to Jacksonville, Fla.

The spot is titled "This Is AHH" - an appropriate name for the sensation given by the carbonated soft drink.

The spot will eventually be featured on teen-focused networks such as The CW, MTV, and Adult Swim.

The idea is part of a teen campaign called "The AHH Effect," which is now in its second year.

Andy McMillin, Vice President, Coca-Cola Trademark, Coca-Cola North America spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the company's recent efforts.

He stated, ""Our efforts to connect with teens through 'The AHH Effect' exceeded our expectations in 2013. With digital still at the core, we're now expanding into real-world activations and TV as the next phase of its evolution. The AHH Effect' will be everywhere teens will be and we're going to connect with them in ways that appeal to their natural curiosity and love of fun, bite-sized content."


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